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Eggs on Biscuits

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This simple recipe requires 1 egg and one biscuit. I like the butter dinner roll variety, they cook up quick and are very tasty. You can also prepare one slice of toast for each egg if you wish to keep the yolk runny and sop it up before eating your biscuitwich.


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Go ahead and cook your biscuits according to the directions. Ok, so these will take a whole ten minutes. I broke my 5-minute promise here, but you've not got a whole eight biscuits to put in the fridge and toast up for subsequent breakfasts, right? Or you can simply use ready made biscuits and toast them to keep the 5-minute promise intact. : )

eggs and biscuit recipes


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If you want cheese, go ahead and dress up your biscuit with some while it's hot.


eggs and buscuits

Cook your eggs how you want 'em. These biscuits are a little small to keep too much liquid yolk intact (read: messy) unless you will be sopping it up with an extra slice of toast.


Eggs and biscuits

Distribute your cooked eggs into your yummy biscuits and BAM! All done, yum yum.