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Spicy Egg Tortilla Recipe

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You will need: 2 eggs, 2 tortillas, 1 slice of cheese and your favorite spicy add-ons. (I'm using salsa and tabasco sauce here.)

Break the cheese slice into fourths long ways and put the tortillas into the toaster oven or microwave just long enough to warm them up. That would be a couple of minutes in the toaster oven or 20 - 40 seconds in the microwave, depending on how powerful your microwave is.

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The lazy man's way of scrambling eggs is to throw in the eggs before the pan heats up all the way and just start mixing them around until they're cooked. Nothing extra needs to be added, but you can add a tablespoon of milk if you like your scrambled eggs extra-soft and tender.

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Your eggs should be soft and fluffy in under two minutes.

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Grab your tortillas from the oven and place the slices of cheese into them as shown.

egg tortilla recipe

Add your scrambled eggs on top of the cheese, and then your favorite spicy condiments and you're finished. Super yummy and super fast!